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Mission Statement

ACESS's mission is to promote communication, interaction, and cooperation among Asian exercise and sports science professionals and students in educational, scientific, and research institutions, and to encourage the exploration of issues specific to the Asian regions. In particular, the ACESS seeks to promote and facilitate communication among young researchers and students in the Asian regions. In these ways, the ACESS seeks to make a contribution to the enhancement of the quality of life among Asians in particular, but also for the rest of the world. [approved by the 2001 Asia-Pacific Rim Conference on Exercise and Sports Science & the Inaguration and First General Assembly Meeting of Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science, 6 July 2001] 

The Academic Activities of ACESS: 

1. Promoting research in the areas of exercise and sports science; facilitating international exchanges among researchers and students in the Asian regions; and assisting young scholars/graduate students in conducting applied research in exercise and sports science.

2. Organizing conferences on exercise and sports science.

3. Publishing resources and literature related to exercise and sports science.

4. Establishing links with other institutions and organizations involved in exercise and sports science activities.

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